How to play?

You can start your adventure with Mystica in two ways. Both require the use of the so-called mud client, a special program used to connect to the game server.

The first of these methods is to use the web client - just select the "Play Now" option on the main page to be instantly connected to the game. It is quick and convenient, although it has some disadvantages.

The second way is to use the mud client - specific program for connecting to muds. A few of these programs are listed in the Useful Programs section. It should be noted that Mystica does not have and does not use its proprietary client, so mud clients are generally available, widely used and often possessed with open source code. So there is no risk of additional installation of e.g. a virus or advertising programs.

Once you have the client installed at our site, connect to the game. The way to create a new connection is different for each client, but the connection details are always the same:


Port: 2300