Mystica game rules.

Mystica is an online role-playing game and, like every game, it should be also enjoyable for the participating players and creators. Therefore, it is necessary to define certain rules which all participants are obliged to follow.

1. The owner of character is solely responsible for all its actions. Losing the character or transferring it to third parties does not absolve from this responsibility.

2. A player may have several characters, but it is forbidden to play more than one at the same time. It is also forbidden to interact between these characters (e.g. donating items) as well as creating new characters for purposes other than the normal game (e.g. it is forbidden to create new characters only for the purpose of anonymously speaking on boards, exploring dangerous areas or acquiring secrets of associations).

3. It is forbidden to disclose information about the methods of performing tasks and to disseminate information that is not accessible to players (e.g. guild secrets).

4. It is forbidden to persistently obstruct the game for other players. By obstruction is meant, for example, unjustified killing beginner, much weaker players, or killing the same player over and over. Verbal aggression (e.g. profanity) is also prohibited.

5. Mystica is RPG, so the behavior of the characters and the language used should be adapted to the fantasy world - playing the characters is mandatory. Any names used, behavior, and language of speech should follow this convention.

6. The game, as any computer program, may have bugs. They should be reported using the 'report' command. It is strictly forbidden to use any errors in the game and to benefit from them by the players.

7. Mystica is a game made by people and for people. It is therefore forbidden to use machines or bots that perform activities for the player.

8. It is forbidden to use for a character a name that is incorrectly pronounced and one that cannot be read in a meaningful way. Special characters (e.g. apostrophes) are not allowed in the name.