What is MUD? What is Mystica?

Technically speaking, Mystica is MUD - Multi User Dungeon. It is an RPG game played by many players simultaneously using text. As a typical and classic MUD, Mystica does not have any graphics. Players communicate with the game world and each other using text commands. The world of Mystica is set in the realities of the author's original fantasy creation and allows players to perform around various areas such as cities, mountains, forests and undergrounds. The player can create any character that fits into the Mystica world and belongs to one of the races living there.

Q and A:

Q: What is Mystica?

A: Well, basically spekaing, it’s a fantasy role-playing, text based game. Internet only. We’ll be having many players online, all running around one, huge world. It’ll take many hours to walk from one end to the other. It’s also a persistent world. It keeps going when you log off and it has its own resources, and ecology, and economic system.

Q: And you play...?

A: You play a character, completely configurable in all senses: hair and skin colour, gender, hairstyle, clothing, armour, sword, glovers, shoes, underwear — everything. In addition, Mystica's universe is a dynamic world. You can do everything you can do in the real world, plus everything you can do in a fantasy role-playing adventure. You can cast over spells, camp in the woods, join guilds, die, play again, form gangs, learn skills, get rich, lose all your money, kill monsters, get arrested, meet girls... just everything.

Q: Are there puzzles and quests?

A: Not all. We have all sorts of quests — fetch and carry, murder mystery etc. — and most are linked to the world state and sometimes just spring up unexpectedly. Stuff like the dungeons are pretty much planned out in typical fashion. Loads of teleports, traps, secret doors and levers to pull to solve puzzles and avoid hazards. But even these are scripted. so the solutions to one lever puzzle will be different next time around.