The world of Mystica.

The world of Mystica is a magical and fascinating creation, filled with magnetic places and interesting characters. It is a fantasy world, full of dungeons and dragons, mages and knights, elves and dwarves. In such surroundings, you will have the opportunity to create, lead and develop your character, achieve great successes and experience bitter failures.

This world is not fixed and defined once and for all. New areas are emerging and populating with new characters all the time. You also co-create it - so its appearance depends on you.

In your performance through the world of Mystica, you will travel through many lands, countries and cities. Here is a description of some of them.

Italica - state modelled on medieval and renaissance Italy. It is full of wealthy cities, gorgeous temples and monasteries, populous and happy villages. There are numerous trade routes between the cities, along which merchant caravans run. It is protected from the south by the sea and from the north by the White Peaks. It is also a land of plots and secret conspiracies, numerous guilds fighting one with another for influence, and princes losing their thrones during coups and revolutions. Nevertheless, it is rather a good place for beginners, safe and full of opportunities to earn your first money and gain experience. Adria is a city especially recommended for those who want to get free equipment (weapons, armour), which should be enough to start with. You can find it in the city's templates. In addition to Adria, it is you should discover such interesting cities as Vallo, Attia and the Three Ports.

Nortia - the northern land, full of ice, snow and mountains. The eastern part is inhabited mainly by dwarves, inhabiting vast, underground fortresses. Besides, there are settlements of trappers hunting for wild animals fur, as well as trading posts. Such hunting is a good way to earn a significant income, but moving in the mountains is not easy. It is easy to get lost and you should have food and drink with you. Remember that larger animals (wolves, bears) can be dangerous. Lots of players go to Northia to buy dwarven shields or weapons, famous for their excellent quality. The main town here is Brygge, main trading village - Kantele.

Occitania - a peaceful land bathed in the southern sun, full of fields, forests and meadows. So far, this part of the game is not too extensive - only one city (Albi) and a few villages are available. Occitania is a good place to gather herbs or enjoy the game in peace.

Wild Cities - is the name of numerous settlements founded on the northern side of the White Peaks, on the Great Prairie. It is mainly inhabited by outlaws and refugees from Italica or Occitania, but also all kinds of adventurers and freedom-lovers. There are no princes, castles, taxes and tolls here. On the other hand, the limits of the law are determined by the one who is stronger and more efficient in combat.